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I’m Kate, and it won’t surprise you to hear that I’m mum to Bean (not his real name) & Ted. This parenting and baby blog is me wearing my mum-hat – the joys, trials and tribulations that come with being a parent.

Who am I anyway?

After being away from Australia for nearly 10 years, I ended up in the Netherlands 9 months ago following a long long stint in London (UK). Together with my tall handsome Dutch partner we made the leap into a more family friendly lifestyle in a small town with Bean (nearly 4) and Ted (nearly 6 months now) in tow. You can imagine it’s been quite a ride.

Other than that, I make a lot of clothes. As well as working for a sewing pattern magazine, I also sew for myself, the kids, the odd private client. You can follow my adventures here. It’s rather different from my old corporate life but it allows me the privilege of being able to work from home. And I can do things like pick up and drop off to all the things that kids have going on in their lives.

What are you going to read here?

If you have young kids, are a new parent (or becoming one), or are child-free and want to better understand your parent friends, then this blog is for you.

I’ll be sharing useful information and resources,snippets of family life, and hopefully you’ll get the odd laugh as well. Because kids and babies are in equal parts wonderful, fascinating, and also frustrating – I promise I shall not be sugar coating that aspect!

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