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We were recommended the book Baby Management For Men book by a fellow parent-to-be in 2016 (the book is from 2013), and I was pleasantly surprised to find it again on the bookshelf when I knew I was having Ted. Despite the title sounding a bit sexist, the author is not in any way masochistic and I found the book informative and a fun read.

Why it’s useful

Even if we’ve done the baby thing once before with Bean, it’s amazing how much you forget about babies. Also, think about this – you are taught so many many things in school, university, etc. But the life skill of how to be a parent and take care of a baby is definitely not one of them! 

A book of basics

There are loads of novel sized books in the world on specific topics, and every person and their dog wants to give you unsolicited advice. But sometimes, you just want the basics in a handy, user friendly form that will give you an idea of what to expect. Like Jamie Oliver’s 5 ingredient meals, not the 30min ones that have you go through 30 steps to make 3 dishes at the same time. Here’s the chapter listing:

Baby Management For Men Contents Part 1
Baby Management For Men Contents Part 2

There’s plenty of fun facts in the book and myth busting on random questions that might pop into mind. For example, about breastfeeding (e.g. myth that a breastfed child does not eat as much as it needs), patterns of bonding (apparently a blood bond isn’t necessary for a successful parent-child bond), different considerations on disposable vs. reusable nappies … the list goes on. 

I also like the bibliography at the end where you can look for different topics that you might think about, ranging from history of motherhood, daycare, tips on sleeping, talking. 

It’s funny

The prose in Baby Management for Men makes me laugh, because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. We could all do with a little humour in what can be a fairly dry or serious topic, right? According to the author (also a contributor to Men’s Health magazine), he was put off by books written for mothers. Becoming a father is just as great, so why not have something to prepare them as well? 

All in all, a nice reference guide and if you are about to become a father or have a friend who is becoming one, this book would make a nice gift. 

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